Okay, if God invented “the most wonderful coffee cup on earth” for all your on the go needs and “Jennifer Garner” was equally obsessed with it, so why wouldn’t we be too??

Jen, aka mother to Violet Affleck, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, and Samuel Garner Affleck, otherwise known as super celebrity mommy.

So normal (just like all of us) “silent laughter” that she wanders around parking lots searching for her missing car for over 25 minutes and actually films 10 minutes for social media.


Okay, okay….Jen was married to Ben “Affleck” from 2005–2018. Which would mean she divorced last year? technically speaking. “She might be too norm for all of us!”

Jen was also married to Scott Foley from 2000–2004 but nobody ever remembers that.


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Jen has an obsession that is so normal to us “we call it a love affair with coffee” that makes it just downright scary to us, she is in love with a coffee cup. One that she can carry on the go!

Well, this isn’t just any coffee cup it’s the granddaddy of all coffee cups….Drumroll, please!

Meet KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup


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The 12oz reusable coffee cup that Jennifer Garner rarely leaves home without it. She starts her day by taking it with her on her morning runs, trips to the gym, and just about anything that involves a morning outing.

It’s also available in sizes 8oz and 16oz, they make perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, teacher appreciation, etc.

For us, it was the toughened glass cup and natural cork band and filter that was pure love at first sight!


That Jen sure knows how to pick coffee cups. KeepCup is the perfect on the go vessel to enjoy the craft and sensory pleasure of specialty coffee.

Designed for pure drinking pleasure on the go. Made of touch durable fully-tempered soda-lime glass abs recyclable.

I guess this is a true match made in heaven. Jen has got a thing for coffee and cups, and so do we!

Worthy Reviews

Pros: Lots of Compliments, Serve purpose!

A reviewer said, “My favorite reusable cup! July 2, 2018Verified Purchase
My favorite reusable cup! I had been eyeing it for quite sometime and although it seems a little pricey at first – it is SO worth it. Especially when you think of all the plastic you will be saving. I’ve gotten tons of compliments and questions about it and I love to share my love for this cup! Sometimes the lid is a little tricky to take off but that is my only complaint! I have the 12oz.”

Cons: Might leak, Has a smell??

A reviewer said, “Very high quality product and the glass/cork design combination is perfect. However, and this is a big one…

…the rubber has a smell to it and even after months of use it is still there. I’ve tried cleaning it in the dishwasher, bicarb, vinegar, etc to no success. I’ve stopped using the lid and simply use the cup at home instead of as a travel cup.”

With all that said, if you can carry a cup it’s for you and if it’s good enough for Jennifer Garner surely it is perfect for us and to gift others.

Hurry to Order KeepCup Buy Now already selling out super fast!

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