I had been searching for a quick fix for months, to start enjoying healthy and delicious Bulletproof Coffee on the go!

If you like me, “on the go means already ready” and no blender is required.

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So, I was in search of a lazy solution to “enjoy healthy and delicious bulletproof coffee” at home without having to follow a recipe and one that was also still good for me and I could drink within a matter of minutes.

Bulletproof Cold Brew Healthy Coffee

That’s when I came across Caramel Bulletproof Cold Brew!


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“Dreams do come true!”

This grand idea provided the best solution for me to stay Bulletproof on-the-go with convenient, pre-made cold brew…No blender required, all my problems were over.

Howto Drink Bulletproof Cold Brew Healthy Coffee On The Go eCoffeeFinder

Remember I also said that I wanted a solution that was super healthy and delicious, so it needed to taste great too, right??

I later found out that health and wellness nuts are going wild over  Caramel Bulletproof Cold Brew, because of the health benefits. “It’s
deliciously creamy, made with zero sugar and is tested for mold toxins. Brain Octane oil is added for brain power and suppressing hunger, while the grass-fed butter boasts higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.”

A breakdown of what this means, zero sugar means zero sugar crashes!

This is where I was immediately sold, the Brain Octane oil powers your brain and curbs snack attacks!! Hence why many diets include bulletproof coffee, Keto highly recommends it!

Another great benefit is that the butter used is from grass-fed cows, which helps to boast higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, compared to butter from grain-fed cows.


Buy Caramel Bulletproof Cold Brew Click Here

Worthy Reviews:

GARY L .5 star rating11/15/19 Good Stuff, Review by Gary L. on 15 Nov 2019 “Haven’t drank coffee in years, but I was looking for something to curb my appetite and give me a boost….this is it.”

BRAD J .5 star rating 11/14/19 Tastes great! Review by Brad J. on 14 Nov 2019 “Excellent coffee!!”

DINA P. 4 star rating 11/14/19 Caramel Cold Brew, Review by Dina P. on 14 Nov 2019 “The only reason for 4 stars is that I prefer the taste of the Dark Chocolate better!! The caramel is slightly a little bitter, but for what you are getting (including the convenience or grab-and-go), it’s so very worth it! Great products so far.”

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