Drinking coffee from a chic glass mug is the hottest social media obsession and especially for the holiday season and every special occasion.

“So sorry boring old coffee mugs, it’s time to get see-through naked!” The pretty glass appearance of hot beverage coffee inside is the latest trend to experience.


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Kourtney Kardashian’s trendy site POOSH featured How to Set Up a MOBILE HOT BEVERAGE STATION by selecting the Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mugs available exclusive only at WILLIAMS SONOMA.


Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mugs, “Buy Now” Click Here

Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mugs are available exclusively only at Williams Sonoma and crafted of mouth-blown glass (even sounds super fancy). It might also be pure magic because the glass remains cool to the touch with hot drinks and will not “sweat” with cold drinks. Plus the glass will not become cloudy over time, like say always Instagram picture perfect forever. Available in a set of 4 and dishwasher safe.


Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mugs, “Buy Now” Click Here

Of course, Kourtney Kardashian captures herself drinking from her Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mugs on the gram with her 83.9 million-plus fans!

Amazon’s Prime Coffee Mugs Set of 6 Best-Seller has got the world now obsessed with drinking coffee from clear beautiful mugs!


JoyJolt Declan Coffee Mugs “Buy Now” Click Here

JoyJolt Declan Coffee Mugs are stunning featuring coffee mugs set of 6, made shatter-proof and with lead-free glass! Even handle straight from the microwave without touching the hot glass sides. So if you do happen to accidentally drop one, you wonā€™t have to deal with tiny bits. These solid soda-lime clear glass mugs are thicker and more robust!


JoyJolt Declan Coffee Mugs “Buy Now” Click Here

The Declan Glass Coffee Cup is incredibly satisfying to drink from. Itā€™s a solid but lightweight 0.1oz. Not too heavy to hold, but obviously not flimsy either.

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