The Coffee Connoisseur’s Choice: HARRODS Archive Collection Arabica Coffee



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Elevate Coffee Moments with HARRODS Archive Collection Arabica Coffee

Interesting history fact, Archive records show that 1lb in weight was originally sold for two shillings and two pence and that it continued to be a regular blend until 1929.

Harrods first sold the Finest Coffee Blend, a combination of Mysore and Costa Rican coffee, in 1901. 

Presented in a nostalgic tin, Harrods’ archive collection coffee is a blend of the finest Costa Rican and Indian coffee.

**Sip into the Past**
Delve into the rich history of coffee with the HARRODS Archive Collection. Every bean tells a story, transporting you back to the ancient coffee routes, where the Arabica magic first began. Each cup promises an experience, an aroma that revives tales of old-world charm.

**A World-Class Arabica Blend**
Crafted with utmost precision, this Arabica blend offers an impeccable taste profile – smooth, robust, and aromatic. From the moment you open the canister, the aroma envelops you, hinting at the world-class flavor that awaits within. It’s not just coffee; it’s a moment, an experience.

**Elegance in Every Cup**
Every sip from the HARRODS Archive Collection offers an unmatched elegance. Wrapped in luxurious packaging, it’s the perfect gift for someone special or a treat for oneself. It speaks of sophistication, perfect for those refined coffee moments, whether morning rituals or evening soirees.



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