It’s that time of the year once again and we are super excited to announce our covet Holiday Gifts For Coffee Lovers!

Our editors have been going over data and researching around the clock to curate this specialty list of hot-demand products. Leave the expertise to us when it comes to gifting coffee lovers.

These are the most wanted gifts to satisfy coffee lovers on your list. We have something for everyone who enjoys drinking a good cup of freshly brewed coffee to enhance their lifestyle.

Please don’t miss out, these items go really fast so please make your purchases today!

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Gifts For Coffee Lovers Holiday Gift Guide ECoffeeFinder

*Prices are subject to change or update.

No. 1 the Caramel Macchiato by Williams Sonoma Coffee Capsules, Set of 12 is $91.29.

Williams Sonoma takes the demand for Caramel Macchiato for coffee lovers to the next level. Partnering with European coffee masters to create a line of recyclable capsules for use with Nespresso machines. The resulting brew is a smooth, well-balanced blend with a full body and rich, satisfying taste. Inspired by the sweet richness of a caramel macchiato, this medium-roast coffee is custom blended using premium beans from Central America and South America and enhanced with natural flavorings.

No. 2 the TERRA KAFFE TK-01 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is $825.

TERRA KAFFE TK-01 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine ECoffeeFinder
A beautiful display and design perfect for coffee lovers. This super-automatic bean-to-cup espresso machine grinds fresh beans and brews with ease.

No. 3 WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is $85.

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker ECoffeeFinder
One of the top gadgets to own for coffee lovers! Where consistency is key in this hand-powered espresso maker that reaches up to 18 bars of pressure to deliver the perfect shot with a dense crema layer every time.

No. 4 Ember Mug 2 is $149.95.

Ember Mug 2 ECoffeeFinder
This is a celebrity fave that coffee lovers covet.  For all-day use, simply keep this mug on the charging coaster. Meet the world’s first temperature-controlled mug, designed to keep coffee and other hot beverages at your ideal sipping temperature.

No. 5 Created by Gina DeSantis Personalized Porcelain Faux Bois Mug Set for $75.

Created by Gina DeSantis Personalized Porcelain Faux Bois Mug Set ECoffeeFinder
A top choice when it comes to a personalized mug for coffee lovers who adore art. Where artist Gina DeSantis hand throws each mug on a potter’s wheel before carving a unique faux-bois pattern to the creamy porcelain.

No. 6 YETI RAMBLER® 20 OZ TRAVEL MUG Limited Edition is $38

Makes the profit gift for coffee lovers while also supporting breast cancer awareness. The ultimate go-to for drinks on the go.

No. 7 Bourbon Infused Coffee is $22.

Bourbon Infused Coffee ECoffeeFinder
The coffee is caffeinated but contains no alcohol ideal for ultimate coffee lovers who like to experiment. Roasted in Tennessee 100% Arabica beans are infused in small batches with just a touch of Kentucky’s signature spirit, giving them an irresistible aroma and unique flavor profile. 

No. 8 KeepCup Reusable Tempered Glass Coffee Cup is $31.95

This is the cup that advanced the reuse revolution and is a top choice for coffee lovers everywhere. Lightweight, easy to carry, and fits comfortably in your hand and cup holders.

No. 9 Hold Everything Coffee and Tea Stacking Canisters, Set of 2 is $62.95.

Hold Everything Coffee and Tea Stacking Canisters ECoffeeFinder
A stunning storage display for coffee lovers makes a wonderful gift. Handcrafted of durable glass each lid has a silicone gasket for a snug, airtight seal. 

No. 10 Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker is $99.99.

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker ECoffeeFinder
The most celebrated coffee maker is the Keurig brewer adored by almost all coffee lovers. Brews multiple k cup pod sizes: (6, 8, and 10 ounces) the most popular k cup pod brew sizes; use the 6-ounce brew size to achieve the strongest brew.

No. 11 Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mugs, Set of 4 is $64.95

Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mugs ECoffeeFinder
This is the most wanted double-wall glass for hot beverages by coffee lovers, making it the perfect gift idea. The durable glass is great for everyday use and casual entertaining.

No. 12 Harrods Coffee Pod Gift Pack of 4 is $24.

Harrods Coffee Pod Gift Pack of 4 ECoffeeFinder
This stunning Harrods gift set contains four blends of Arabica coffee in handy capsules perfect for gifting coffee lovers.  Including the Knightsbridge Roast, Signature Blend, Continental Blend, and Breakfast Blend, there’s a brew for any occasion.

No. 13 HyperChiller HC2 Patented Iced Coffee Beverage Cooler is $24.99.

HyperChiller HC2 Patented Iced Coffee 2 ECoffeeFinder
A delightful iced coffee-drinking experience to gift coffee lovers. This is the easiest and most convenient item to make iced Coffee without dilution. Simply fill with water and place in the freezer, remove and place in a Coffee maker and brew or pour from a carafe into the HyperChiller and then into a cup.

Hope that the coffee lovers on your list enjoy all the wonderful options. If you need any help with the best coffee gift ideas please reach out to our editorial team at for help!


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