If you love drinking Latte, but want it without the Coffee these new trends will make Spring into Summer so much fun. There are so many innovative ways to drink Latte, even when it starts to turn warmer and super hot outside. For Coffee lovers who want a break, these alternative Latte trends will do the trick.

New Latte Trends

These are the hottest Latte trends to try for Spring and Summer in 2018, when taking a Coffee break….

In walks Mermaid Latte and “yes” there is such a thing and you have to try one before you die. Everyone has their own special spin for a Mermaid Latte…Which one is the best??

Mermaid Latte Nutra Organics eCoffeeFinder

Copyright nutra Organics featured via eCoffeeFinder


A Latte alternative without Coffee espresso would be to try Starbucks Matcha Tea Latte available in UK stores.

Starbucks Matcha Tea Latte eCoffeeFinder


Starbucks UK stores are doing away with Green Tea Latte and adding Matcha Tea Latte in two flavors. The new Matcha Tea Latte flavors are Rooibos Tea Latte and Red Apple Rooibos Tea Latte including a special limited-edition Red Apple Rooibos Tea Latte.


Starbucks Matcha Tea Latte Red Apple Roobios Tea Latte Limited Edition eCoffeeFinder


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