Kicking Horse Coffee Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher Coffee




Experience the Rich Aroma and Bold Flavors of Kicking Horse Coffee

Indulge in a sensory journey with Kicking Horse Coffee, a brand renowned for its exceptional quality and distinct flavors. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of coffee as you savor the rich aroma and indulge in the bold, invigorating flavors that only Kicking Horse Coffee can offer.

Prepare to be captivated from the moment you open the bag. Each batch of Kicking Horse Coffee is carefully crafted using the finest 100% organic Arabica beans sourced from sustainable farms around the world. The beans are expertly roasted to perfection, ensuring a harmonious balance between acidity and body, and creating a flavor profile that is truly exceptional.

Unlock the full potential of your morning ritual with our wide range of blends and roasts. Whether you prefer a smooth and balanced medium roast, a robust and full-bodied dark roast, or something in between, Kicking Horse Coffee has the perfect option to suit your taste buds. Every sip is a celebration of craftsmanship and passion, delivering a moment of pure bliss.

Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Kicking Horse Coffee Accessories

Enhance your coffee brewing experience with our selection of carefully curated accessories designed to complement your love for Kicking Horse Coffee. Elevate your morning routine and enjoy a seamless, convenient brewing process that maximizes the flavors and aroma of each cup.

Discover our range of precision coffee grinders, specifically designed to grind coffee beans to the ideal consistency for your preferred brewing method. From pour-over to French press, espresso to cold brew, our grinders ensure a consistent grind size, allowing you to extract the perfect flavors from your beans every time.

Complete your coffee setup with our collection of premium brewing equipment. Explore our selection of stylish pour-over sets, versatile French presses, and sleek espresso machines, all meticulously crafted to deliver the ultimate coffee experience. From the first pour to the last sip, savor the rich flavors and invigorating aromas that our accessories help bring to life.

Join the Kicking Horse Coffee Community and Unleash Your Inner Coffee Connoisseur

Welcome to the Kicking Horse Coffee community, where coffee lovers come together to share their passion, knowledge, and experiences. Immerse yourself in a world of coffee exploration and unlock your inner coffee connoisseur with our resources, tips, and interactive events.

Join our exclusive coffee subscription service and embark on a coffee journey like no other. Receive a carefully curated selection of our finest blends and roasts delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis. Experience the joy of discovering new flavors, expanding your coffee palate, and being the first to taste limited-edition releases.

Indulge in our virtual coffee tastings and workshops led by our team of coffee experts. Learn the art of cupping, the science of extraction, and the secrets behind brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts, ask questions, and share your own tips and experiences as you dive deeper into the world of Kicking Horse Coffee.


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