As spring is approaching warm weather will bless most people in the world. What better way to soak up some sun with a cup of cold brew coffee.

Here are the 5 best cold brew coffee makers on the market today.

KitchenAid® Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Built-in stainless steel tap to easily dispense your cold brew from your refrigerator and carrying handle for easy portability. Simply fill with coffee and cold water, steep, & enjoy.

Primula® 50 oz. Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Comes with a convenient flavor mixer for customizing taste and a stainless steel brew filter.

Toddy Cold Brew System Home Model


Produces a bold, super-smooth coffee that’s easy on the stomach and can be served one cup at a time.

OXO Good Grips® Cold Brew Coffee Maker


The Rainmaker® feature ensures water is distributed evenly for optimal flavor. Just add coffee grounds and water, then add ice, and enjoy.

Cuisinart® Cold Brew Coffee Maker

It takes up minimal space on a counter or refrigerator shelf and has a stainless steel filter lid, clear chamber and a handy strength selector for mild, medium or bold coffee.

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