A classic Latte is a delicious coffee drink generally made with espresso and steamed milk. This is a coffee drink that is best only when made fresh to order. What makes a Latte the ultimate energy booster is use of espresso, which is also super strong coffee. An energy booster of perky behavior to feel instantly awake and recharged very quickly.

A mystery has always been centered around how layers actually form in a Latte drink.

In 2017, researchers at Princeton University discovered that when pouring hot espresso into warm milk and at a certain speed, causes induced interaction between temperature and density that caused the drink to separate into layers of different densities. The researchers observed espresso poured into heated milk, finding that a phenomenon called double-diffusive convection creates different density layers in the liquids.

For the prettiest Latte with layers, simply try pouring hot espresso over a spoon into a tall glass of milk that is also about the same temperature. Next, wait a few minutes for the layers to form as the liquid cools.

Northern Europe and Scandinavia are two places in the world a Latte is referred to as “Café Au Lait” which is the combination of espresso and milk. However, in France the Latte is called “Grand Crème” mixture of espresso and steamed milk.